Conventional Braces For Adults

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Conventional Braces

Conventional braces are probably the most well-known kind of orthodontics. Many are familiar with the idea of wearing these type of braces. People often associate the wearing of braces with children, but more and more adults are turning to conventional braces in order to fix crooked teeth.

Most Visible

Unlike lingual braces, Invisalign aligners or veneers, conventional braces are not designed to be discreet. Made of metal stretched across plastic or resin brackets, it is a durable and sturdy corrective piece that is attached inside the mouth.

Although some may have reservations about adult conventional braces, some can carry the look with ease. Harry Potter star Emma Watson, for example, wasn’t too shy about flashing her braces on the runway. At Ridgway Clinic, we offer patients in Wimbledon conventional braces in varied colours to match their preferred style.


The reason why people still use braces despite their unsightliness is simple – they still work well. The brackets and the metal wires have the capability of realigning crooked teeth through steady pressure. In addition, the prices of braces are friendlier; they are generally less expensive than lingual braces or Invisalign treatments.

Conventional Braces for Adults

Conventional braces remains a great teeth realignment option for adults. The system is highly customisable according to the wearer’s needs. Not just for teeth straightening, they can help address other issues such as jaw alignment and fixing problematic bites.

Helps Improve Health

Braces can also provide benefits to other parts of the body. Malocclusion is a problem where the upper and lower teeth don’t bite properly. This condition can cause several types of pain including that in the jaw, the back and the neck. With braces, this problem can be reduced in adults using conventional brace systems.

The Sooner, the Better

Adult braces require being worn for 12-24 months to be most effective. This means the sooner you have them installed, the sooner you can start experiencing results. Treatment with conventional braces at our Wimbledon clinic is permanent. Suitable for simple alignment up to the most challenging cases, conventional braces are reliable, affordable and produce results.

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