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*Orthodontic appointments can be arranged after school/work and on Saturdays

Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally aligned teeth. For orthodontics, Wimbledon’s Ridgway Dental can provide excellent diagnosis and treatment.

Along with the more common fixed appliances e.g. ‘train tracks’ – Ridgway dental provide incognito braces which can be placed on the hidden (back) areas of your teeth, tooth coloured braces or clear braces.

Teeth Straightening Options


Adult Conventional Braces

These teeth-straightening braces are the most commonly known. Because of their efficacy, they have become a standard in orthodontics. The least expensive option, they are great for both minor as well as complex realignment needs. Though highly visible they are a tried and tested treatment.

Adult Ceramic Braces

Functionally similar to conventional braces, these braces use tooth-coloured ceramic and wiring instead of coloured plastics. It is an aesthetic upgrade over conventional braces, but maintains a similar level of effectiveness. This is a great option for those concerned about the visual impact of traditional braces.

Lingual Braces

With lingual teeth-straightening braces, brackets and wiring hide behind the teeth. This makes them virtually invisible. As they are discreet, this type of braces are preferred by those who do not like the look of wearing braces.


The most modern orthodontic approach, Invisalign uses removable custom-built trays or aligners. Unlike Lingual, the aligners can be removed when eating, tooth brushing or any other circumstance where the patient wishes to remove them. The system works by replacing aligners according to an alignment schedule.

General practitioners are able to discuss most orthodontic treatments. At Ridgway Dental, local Wimbledon orthodontists are specialised in the field and can provide high quality care. Our practice strives for excellent results for each patient.

Dr Annika Patel, Dr Lida Gamble and Dr Nidhi Bhalla and are our specialist Orthodontists treating both adults and children.

A consultation is FREE and can be arranged after 5.30pm. This can be booked either by calling us on 020 8946 2255 or emailing info@ridgwaydental.co.uk

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