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Gum disease or Periodontal disease is a disease which affects the gums, bone and supporting tissues of the tooth.
At Ridgway dental your gums are in the safe care of Dr Chaido Akrivopoulou.

Chaido graduated from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. She was then selected for the specialist training in Periodontology at the world-renowned Eastman Dental Institute (University College London). This is one of the very few programmes in Europe and the only one in the UK, which are recognized from the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).

Chaido aims to work with you to manage your gum disease, on the first appointment she will record all the information she needs to give you an accurate assessment of your gum disease and tell you clearly what the results mean and what needs to be done both now and in the future.

Chaido firmly believes that you can only stabilize gum disease by working together and aims to give you the tools and techniques needed to keep your teeth and gums healthy for longer.

In addition to treating gum disease Chaido also carries out gingival grafting to cover up areas of recession or exposed roots.

A consultation appointment with Chaido costs £130 and this can be booked either by calling us on 020 8946 2255 or emailing

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