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All teeth whitening options attempt to improve the colour of teeth, removing stains and restoring them to lighter brighter hues. Many options have sprung up alongside teeth whitening by dentists such as DIY kits. Through effective teeth whitening, you will be able to restore and even heighten your confidence, which results in glowing smiles.

Staining the Teeth

Discolouration of your teeth is hard to avoid. However your lifestyle largely determines how fast and how much discolouration your teeth suffer. Drinking coffee and tea are common ways to stain the teeth. In addition, smoking and chewing tobacco are also strong causes of teeth discolouration.

Tannin-rich foods are notorious for causing the unsightly yellow shade of the teeth. Red wine is particularly potent, along with sodas, dark sauces and heavily pigmented fruits. To minimise the development of discoloured teeth, choosing clear drinks and immediate brushing after consumption can help.


Teeth Whitening at Home

There are many options for teeth whitening that can be done at home. These kits usually use low-potency creams and bleaching agents. When used properly, they are very safe. However, their efficacy is often contested.

Teeth Whitening by Dentists

Dentists closely monitor all the teeth whitening done in our Wimbledon clinic. This is why we are able to use stronger chemicals for the bleaching process. Additional technology such as UV lights trigger a reaction in agents we apply to the teeth, making the whitening process more effective. The dental whitening options we offer can be customised according to the patient’s needs.

Whiter teeth do not only affect the way you look. It can make you more confident and it can turn your frown upside down. In addition, research suggests that smiling leads to an improvement in your mood. Teeth whitening is the least invasive way to improve the appearance of teeth.

The teeth whitening process at our clinic in Wimbledon is painless and normally does not cause discomfort to our patients. Use our online booking facility or call us on 0208 946 2255 to schedule a check-up now!

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